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So You Want to Cook?

You’ve been around the Big Green Egg™ block a few times and now you’re ready to step up to the next level? Cooking at an Eggfest can be an amazing experience; an opportunity to test your mettle and share your grilling journey. As a member of a two-person Cooking Team, you’ll need to consider the safety and enjoyment of your fellow Cooks and the Tasters who will be enjoying the fruits of your labor; the following guidelines will help ensure both:

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What to Expect

During the fest, most of the guests will be considering or new to Big Green Egg™. Expect questions about your recipes, technique and experiences. Each Cook should plan on cooking throughout the day, providing and serving a minimum of 200 to 300 bite-sized samples to our guests (more is fine of course!). These sample portions should be sized no larger than a single mouthful and prepared in a way allowing for easy distribution and consumption. As an example, a single chicken breast could provide up to 5 samples and be served easily on a toothpick. Remember, this is a team effort and you are providing tastings, not an entire meal.

Menu Planning

So You Want to Cook?You will be cooking on a new Big Green Egg™ which should not be cooked on above 450°so plan your menu accordingly and keep a close eye on the temperature of your Egg. Long cooks such as brisket, pork butts and ribs are discouraged; instead, try to plan a couple of quick cooking recipes such as: steaks, chicken, pork loins, tenderloins, chops or country style ribs, shrimp, meat on skewers, soups, stews, appetizers, desserts or even breakfast. Feel free to put your own “style” into your recipes by using unique rubs, sauces, techniques, or ingredients.
Remember, you’ll be responsible for serving your samples so plan on using toothpicks, small soufflé cups, serving boats, cocktail napkins, small paper plates, or similar products that can be easily handed to guests eliminating the need for them to reach into or handle your food and possibly injure themselves or contaminate your samples.

All food served at the Eggfest must be cooked on The Big Green Egg™. A wealth of excellent recipes can be found online via an internet search or on the Big Green Egg™ forum. If this is your first Eggfest, we recommend pairing up with an experienced Egghead as most are more than willing to assist (especially to those just learning). Don’t forget to think samples, not meals, and be prepared to serve your handiwork.

Arrival & Check-In

Check-in begins at 8am with ramp access to the rooftop available until 9am. Vehicle access is limited by the clearance height of the parking structure levels below, so plan accordingly. Parking is limited at the venue so arrive early and carpool. Rooftop ramp access will re-open at 5pm for tear-down. Upon check-in you will be provided with an envelope including your Wrist Bands, Tent & Egg Assignments. Be sure to wear your wrist band throughout the day as it will facilitate quick re-entry and grant you access to Cook Only areas!

What Will Be Provided:

What You Will Need to Bring:

What NOT to Bring:

Food Temperature InfographicFood Safety

One mistake can make many people sick, so do your part to protect our guests and create great memories:

People’s Choice Awards

Throughout the day, guests will be voting for their favorite recipes and demos in each of the following categories. These awards are our way of thanking the cooks for buying all the food and supplies, cooking and serving all day, and cleaning up afterwards. You must be registered as a cook in order to be eligible for a People’s Choice Award:

Green TicketsGreen (Best of Show) – For best overall performance, dish, or demo. The winner will receive a Mini-Egg & Nest.

Red (All About Meat) – For best meat dish or demo. The winner will receive a meat themed package of Eggcessories (i.e.. Claws, Burger Press, etc…)

Blue (More than Meat) – For best more-than-just-meat, dish or demo. The winner will receive a non-meat themed package of Eggcessories (i.e.. Popper Tray, etc…)

Most importantly!

Have Fun! Show off your stuff, mingle and interact with as many people as you can! The fest is over far too quickly, so enjoy the day’s events!

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